The  Ram

A man invites his serial obscene phone caller to meet him in a hotel room. They discover that they have both been obsessed with the same strange activity that is increasingly taking over their lives: Talking to a stuffed ram...

The Ram combines experimental live sound composition, video art, and theater. With Obie Award Sound Designer G Lucas Crane, we enter into a bewitching world of sexual obsession and addiction with the ferocity of rabid animal impulse. A surreal and darkly humorous meditation on masculinity. 

Artist Residency in Mt Tremper Art Nov. 2017

Coming in 2018

Written By Ric Royer 

Directed and Set Design by Em Lee Reaves, Sound Design by G Lucas Crane

Psychic Readings Co.

  Fête of mistakes

In The Fête of Mistakes, Psychic Readings Co constructs an abstract fairground littered with the overwhelmingness of despair and the sustained tension of hopefulness.
It’s never really made clear, but I think the play takes place in Niagara Falls: the city so depressed it jumped over...itself. Beneath Niagara Falls hides the Cave of the Winds, the humbug attraction that blows life into the lungs of the greatest sideshow of lies called The Fête of Mistakes! It’s a love/horror story about exploitation. Or rather, a musical about the insidiousness of capitalism. Get in line to taste the sugary goodness of the American Dream! [Note: the play ends in a gruesome demolition derby where everyone dies]

Fête, written and directed by Ric Royer, has been presented three times: Ontological Hysteric Theatre (NYC, 2012), Silent Barn (NYC 2014) and Le Mondo (Baltimore, 2016)

Directed by Ric Royer and Em Lee Reaves

Set design by Em Lee Reaves and Xander Marro

Sound design by G Lucas Crane


 Chthonic Star                      Dream Pageant

Miss Chthonic Star Dream Pageant is coming to a city near you! This beauty pageant is a monstrous parade of internal realities fueled by sacrifice. Watch as labor, exploitation, and sexual/economic oppression are thrust onto the catwalk! WANT TO BE A STAR? Each night three local contestants will appear before our judges with the hope of becoming the next Miss Chthonic Star, but the pageant quickly turns into a perverse reality show where the real objective is to try to get out of the pageant alive! Braiding pleasure and the abject and spiking it with a heavy dose of buffoonery, Miss Chthonic is a stress dream starring a whole bunch of anxiety. 

The Dream Pageant was written by Ric Royer

Designed by Em Lee Reaves

with Sound by G Lucas Crane

and features members from three New York experimental theatre companies:

Title:Point, Object Collection and the Psychic Readings Company. 

"...We’ve heard rave reviews from its run in Baltimore. The Psychic Readings Company never fails to surprise and impress. Expect (maybe) the vibe/intensity of an esoteric punk opera being rehearsed at a dive bar’s most awkward karaoke night. Or something completely different, but no less bizarre and worthwhile." -ARTFCITY

the failures

Featured in ARTFORUM.

Billed as “an in-depth look at what makes failures fail and how YOU can achieve success through their ineptitude and misery”, The Failures is a campy horror/musical/comedy that irreverently comments on insidious everyday structures where the success of an individual relies on the failure or oppression of another. In the play, an audience member (played by Jon Swift) is tortured any time the performers do anything well. Eventually, he’s tortured anyway.

The Failures has been performed at Psychic Readings (Baltimore) and at the Exponential Festival in NYC.

Director: Ric Royer Written by Ric Royer and Peter Mills Weiss.

Tech Collaboration by Em Lee Reaves

Garbage, Death, and the city of baltimore

A play inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Garbage, the City and Death”.
Adapted and directed by Ric Royer.

Named “Best Play” of 2015, City Paper Best of Baltimore

This was the premier production at Psychic Readings, a performance space in the Bromo Arts District opened by the Psychic Readings Co in 2015. "Garbage" was inspired both by Fassbinder's play as well as the sci-fi novel Dhalgren, by Samuel Delaney. The play takes place in a futuristic Baltimore, where the city is found abandoned by those with the means of leaving. What is left behind are the presumed "problems" that are blamed for the city's downfall: the poor, the addicted, the pimps, prostitutes and criminals who build a new foundation for the broken metropolis. Just as the outcasts begin to rebuild their inherited land, those who had abandoned them - developers, speculators, predatory landlords and the people who protect them (police, government...) - return to reclaim "their" city after watching from afar. 

This piece was performed before any renovations had occurred in our rented property at 219 Park Ave. Our set was the work of decades of neglect from the negligent property owner. A year later, my outcast theatre collective has invested thousands of hours and dollars into the building. Some day, perhaps, a negligent landlord, developer or the city itself, may come along and inherit "their" property too.

the maids

Psychic Readings Co's version of Jean Genet's The Maids
Adapted and directed by Ric Royer. 
Featuring Carly J. Bales, Nicollette LeFaye and Kyra Evelyn.

Gaudy, grotesque, rough and raw, our version of The Maids offers a creepier, darker and more and sinister aesthetic (with a gloppy sugary twist) than our usual work.
From the program:  This is not Jean Genet’s, “The Maids”.